This year we have panels, workshops, screenings and even a cosplay fashion show! The 2018 KhemFest is not to be missed!


11:00am - 7:00pm

Marketplace (Atrium)

All day our vendors will be in the Atrium selling comic books, art, movies and toys!

11:00am - 11:15am

Welcome (Auditorium)

Founder: Naseed Gifted (Educator, Creative Director of PBS Media) Welcome you to the 4th Annual Khem Comic Book Fest

11:15am - 11:55am

Khemetic Signs and Symbols in Comic Book Media (Auditorium)

The history of Khemet and how it has influenced the comic book and animation industries. Host: Dilettante Bass (Marketing Director, PBS Media)

12:00pm - 12:50pm

Promoting Literacy Through Comics (Auditorium)

Graphic novels are excellent resources for teaching visual rhetoric. Development of theme through motifs and symbols, anthropomorphism, methods of characterization, impact of syntax, and tone will be discussed. Host: Eric Cooper, Panelists: Daniel McNeal (Corsairs), Suliman Onque (On-Q Comics), Darrell Goza (Goza Creative/ScriptGraphics)

12:00pm - 12:50pm

How to Make Super Powered Movies on Your iPhone (Room 111)

In this session, we will discuss the simplicity and possibility of creating your very own superpower sci-fi short film using just an iPhone. Using the Superpower FX app, iMovie apps, and a little imagination, you may very well become the next Stephen Spielberg or Michael Bay.  Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your superhero imagination into reality. Host: Abdul-Hakeem (Teacher)

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Face Painting (Atrium)

Free Face painting session for kids and adults!


12:55PM - 1:45PM

Using Comics to Teach STEM (Auditorium)

We are rapidly evolving into a hyper-visual culture. Addressing the needs of diverse learners, comic books and graphic novels transform the way we see and teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).  Join Educators and Comics Creators as we present strategies for teaching STEM topics in the classroon. Host: Naseed Gifted (Educator, writer: P.B.Soldier) 






12:55PM - 1:45PM

Superhero Creation Workshop
(Room 111)

This workshop aims to assist participants, amateurs and professionals alike in the process of creating and envisioning their own super-powered characters. No carbon-copies, copy-cats or sidekicks. At the end of this workshop participants will have designed / created their own characters and storylines. Host: Yumy Odom (First World Komix)

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Nerf Challenge (Aux Gym)

Nerf Challenge sponsored by E.G.O.S. is a FUN and SAFE way to play Nerf games for kids. Perfect for all age levels.

1:50PM - 5:25PM

Comic Book Library (Room 111)

Comic Fans will have the opportunity to enjoy various comics and graphic novels in our Comic Library. Sponsor: Fortress of Solitude

Image credit: Dawit Lessanu

Image credit: Dawit Lessanu

1:50pm - 2:40pm

Animation Hour

Screening of E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams- Animated short created by Roye Okupe (YouNeek Studios) based on the comic book series of the same name. E.X.O. is a science fiction superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic, 2025 Africa.  

Maatkara Episodes 1-6 Screening. These Animated shorts were created by Dawit Lessanu. Set in the year 9002 A.D., when the descendants of Egypt survive deep within the planet Maat is a priestess and healer chosen by the gods as a divine administrator of justice who must fight evil forces.  Maat's role is to defeat the NetworQ, an evil technological cabal led by the god of chaos, Set (voiced by actor Kevin Conway) 

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

2:45pm - 3:35pm

Khem Cosplay Fashion Show/Workshop (Auditorium)

A fashion show displaying the latest Superhero/heroine fashions on the runway followed by a workshop focusing on creative ways to bring your inner Super Hero to life. Host: Bill Johnson (Professional Actor and Cosplayer)





3:40pm - 4:30pm

Hip Hop Showcase (Atrium)

Featuring some today’s Underground Hip Hop Artists. Feat: Spenser Sterling,  Deuce H Wood & THAGATANEGRA

3:40PM - 6:20PM

Gaming Lounge (2nd Floor Lounge)

Play various video games on PlayStation and Wii systems. 

4:35PM - 5:25PM

Black Women In Comics (Auditorium)

Joins us for a discussion exploreing the process, development and marketing of creating comics with black female characters in comics and manga. The panel will also explore what it's like being a black female artist in a predominantly male dominated field and how women can create their own work even when they are told that there is no market for them.  Host: Karama Horne (theblerdgurl), Panelists: Regine Sawyer (WiNC, LockettDown), Micheline Hess (Ovenland), Ariell Johnson (Owner of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse), Shauna Grant (Princess Love Pon)

5:30pm - 6:20PM

Luke Cage: Behind the Scenes of Making a Hit TV Series

Explore STEM careers behind the scenes in film and TV. Digital platforms and multimedia software, computer-generated special effects and 3D renderings, and advanced video, audio, and lighting technologies explain why STEM skills are highly valued in this non-traditional STEM industry Host: Wendy McKenzie (In the Wink of an Eye), Panelists: Khalil Maasi (Stuntman:Luke Cage), Gregory Anderson (Fuse/FX Luke Cage Special Effects Director), Bill Johnson (Professional Actor in Luke Cage)

Image Credit: Marvel Ent./Netflix

Image Credit: Marvel Ent./Netflix

6:25pm - 7:15pm

Black Stuntmen: The Luke Cage Stunt Team (Auditorium)

If you want to feel alive, try living on the edge. Nothing compares to heart pumping adrenaline. It’s addicting. If you would rather dodge projectiles, crash cars, or leap out of airplanes than type one more office memo, then you should consider being a stuntman. Explore career opportunities and view an awesome Martial Arts Demonstration. Host: Khalil Maasi (Professional Actor and Martial Artist),  David Chen (Actor/Stuntman for Luke Cage, Gotham, The Night Of), Jeremy Sample (Stuntman for Luke Cage, Black Panther, The Get Down, Malcolm C. Murray (Stuntman for Luke Cage, Amazing Spider Man 2, Iron Fist, Daredevil, The Get Down), R Marcos Taylor (Actor/Stuntman for Luke Cage, Straight Outta Compton)