2019 Khem Animation Film Festival

Award Winners

Best Music/SounD: Clocktower Christmas

Best Story: Cuerdas

Best Design: Candy Coated Poison

Best Student Film (Short): Night Light

Best Animated Game Trailer: Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle & The Millionaires’ Conspiracy

Best Film, 2D (Short): Broken Being

Best Film, 3D (Short): Cuerdas

Best Animated Short: Anacronte

All award winners will be featured this summer on HallMillsNetwork Channel on Roku TV and Black Scifi TV.


Best Music /Sound

Clocktower Christmas

Short student film about two robins who live in the Shandon Bells Clock tower in Cork city. It's the night before Christmas, and father robin has decided to decorate the clock tower for when his son wakes up in the morning. 
*Won a merit award in Best Shorts Competition. 
*Was recently screened in Cork City. 
*Part of the official selection in Brighton Rocks Film Festival



Best Story


María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

"Cuerdas" is a short film written and directed by Pedro Solís García. "Cuerdas" was the 2014 winner of the the Goya ® award for "the Best Spanish short film animation". Pedro Solís García was also awarded with the same prize in 2011 for his first short "The Bruxa".

The film is full of nuances and describes a tender story of friendship between two special children. "Cuerdas" also speaks of values and hopes and it is able to captivate the viewer from the first frame and the first musical note to the end of the film credits.

Candy Coated Poison.JPG

Best Design

Candy Coated Poison

I grew up in a gambling city called Macao. In that tiny place, we only have two hospitals, but there are hundreds of casinos. I love this city but live in there usually makes me feel that I am no alternative. I cannot ignore the most significant benefit from the casinos (the great incomes of the taxation, the welfare benefits of the medical treatment, free education and a large number of the employment opportunities), but I know they are killing the city. I have seen what is happening in that place, but I cannot change or stop anything. 
Not to say the casinos are a bad place, but for people living in this city, they are sugar and poison, sticking with life. Everything has two sides, on one hand, it is supporting the city, on the other hand, it is feeding the city with people's lives. 
Highlight statement : Everything has two sides, when you saw the good side, you were touching the bad side. 

Director Biography - Sok Ieng